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We focus on large scale and impactful projects

As a real estate developer that aims to provide our clients apartments with excellent finishings, our in-house standard apartment has grey wood floors, white walls, multi-colored light grey, dark grey and white kitchen back splash and other details.

Our Construction Team values a functional living space. We complete quality control verifications, ensure utilities are connected properly and have been tested and we can possibly make modifications to some interior if the request is approved.

New Confort City apartments can be viewed from a 3D perspective.
Within a new minutes you can walkthrough apartments, view popular location points, see all the materials used to build your dream home and request an offer.

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About InteRo

Hard Working and Integrated Family Business Driven by Ethics and Innovation to Improve Customer Journey
InteRo Property Development is committed to building projects of excellence and prestige. Our mission is to develop impressive and remarkable projects for our community. InteRo’s projects enhance the lifestyle of all residents, providing quality and innovation to your lives and homes.
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Other InteRo Projects

Located in a private and quiet area, New Confort City offers 280 apartments, equipped with new and modern finishes, and a family safe community at the foot of your door. Composed of one large building, playgrounds for the little ones, salon and café inside the complex, New Confort City is a safe place that enriches you and your family’s life.

Our Team



With over 30 years of experience in real estate, development, and manufacturing, Michael moved to Romania in 2006 and purchased more than 800 apartments as well as the 52,000 sqm Dacia Textila platform on Bucurestii Noi. In 2012, Michael purchased the former Vulcan Platform of 78,000 sqm on Progresului street and co-developed the Vulcan Value Retail Center. After selling his 50% of the Vulcan Value Retail Center in 2013, Michael purchased the former Aversa pump platform of 97,000 sqm on Ziduri Mosi, Obor.

In 2019 Michael launched InteRo with his children, focusing on developing real estate projects with beautiful design and innovation. Currently, Michael is spearheading the development of the Bucurestii Noi project and SkyLight Residence, with plans to acquire more large plots and help shape the landscape of Bucharest.



In 2020, Tyler led the Sales and Construction divisions for the InteRo portfolio of projects. From 2020-Spring 2021 Tyler was the Director of Sales and a Minority Owner of NorthLight Residence.

Tyler is now leading New Confort City as the Project Manager. His experience in sales and construction support him in his understanding of the project and in his execution.



April 2019, Michael operated as the Head of Sales, Marketing and Design Innovation for the InteRo portfolio of 170+ old market apartments, SkyLight Residence and Bucurestii Noi.

In 2020-2021 Michael led NorthLight Residence and was a Minority Owner of the project. As Project Manager he took on the responsibility to manage his Teams, Project Finances, Construction and supported in Sales.

As of Spring 2021, Michael is the Sales Director of New Confort City.



Ashton is a Digital Marketing Manager at NorthLight Residence. Her experience in website maintenance, paid ads, social media, content creation and event planning provides great value to the Marketing Team.

In February 2021, Ashton took on the InteRo sales portfolio. She works with the Construction Team and Sales Team to refurbish apartments and manages all sales. Ashton will be completing the entire portfolio end by of the year.

As of April 2021, Ashton became a Digital Marketing Manager for New Confort City. In addition to her two other responsibilities at InteRo Sales Portfolio and NorthLight Residence, Ashton ensures marketing continuously supports our sales goals.

Topolinski Family

Canadian-born Topolinskis make The Family Difference in sustainable and responsible business

Michael Topolinski made his first Real Estate investment in Romania in 2006. What was initially just business eventually became the milestone for a new life for himself, his children – 29-year-old Michael IV, Ashton (25) and Tyler (27), and his mother Edith (79), the latest from the family to move to Romania.

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